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Who we are

The Yale Endowment Justice Coalition (EJC) is a non-hierarchal organization of students, faculty, alumni and New Haven community members committed to holding Yale accountable for its unethical investment practices.  We are part of a global movement of students and community organizers fighting against climate injustice and imperialism.


Founded in 2018, our original demands were: 1. Disclose all investments in Puerto Rican debt and instruct fund managers with investments in Puerto Rican debt to cancel that debt, and 2. Disclose and divest all holdings in fossil fuel companies. However, in 2020, Yale quietly sold off their holdings in Puerto Rican debt for a large profit, allowing the university to ignore their complicity in the Puerto Rican debt crisis.


Today, we demand that Yale immediately and fully divest from the fossil fuel industry. Our work will continue as Yale profits off of climate destruction, sovereign debt, and exploitative industries around the world, while hoarding the wealth of their endowment and imposing austerity on the New Haven community.

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Visit our Take Action page to learn how to get involved! We welcome all levels of participation. 

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